Daddy Yankee "Hula Hoop" Takes Zumba Fitness By Storm

Daddy Yankee “Hula Hoop” Takes Zumba Fitness By Storm


Every year there is a dance craze that takes over workout sessions, this year Daddy Yankee “Hula Hoop” takes Zumba Fitness by Storm!!

Checkout the fitness craze started by Daddy Yankee‘s “Hula Hoop”…

Daddy Yankee "Hula Hoop" Takes Zumba Fitness By Storm is in love with Daddy Yankee and his “Hula Hoop” because it’s the perfect workout song for Zumba Fitness.

In fact, Zumba Fitness officially announce their partnership with Puerto Rico’s very own Daddy Yankee to create the dance-friendly song, “Hula Hoop.

The song hit on March 3rd and its been gaining heat because of its infectious reggaeton-thumping sound thanks to the sexy Daddy Yankee. “Hula Hoop is a remix of his 2016 Los Evo Jedis-produced, “Shaky Shaky” from his upcoming eighth studio album El Disco Duro.

Daddy Yankee posted this fan twerkin to “Hula Hoop”:

Daddy Yankee weighed in about “Hula Hoop”:

“This is a track I made by popular request. The fans asked me on my social media platforms to create a track off the Hula Hoop hook on “Shaky Shaky.” They asked for it, and I gave it to them. It’s incredible how easily I can listen to my fans ideas, and respond! It (social media) really helps artists have a clear idea of what they (the fans) want and expect from us.”

Thanks to last years success of “Shaky Shaky” the “Hula Hoop” project a no brainer.

Zumba VP of Marketing, Carolina Moraes said:

“When you’re in a Zumba class, it’s like you’re turning on the radio, and discovering new songs and rhythms—”Shaky Shaky” was such a hit in class are thrilled to bring our fans and instructors this new track and choreography to create a global ‘hula hoop’ movement.”

Kicking off spring, Zumba released the official choreography for all the rhythmic movers and dance lovers to enjoy. Now, Daddy Yankee fans can sweat off their carbs to “Hula Hoop” – watch and learn the steps below:

This is one of the songs that are fun for weddings, parties, and high school dances or college sorority parties once everyone knows the steps!

“Hula Hoop” is taking over Korea:

Dance Korea 🇰🇷 #hulahoop

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Learn the step ladies and gents its great to show you can work those hips!

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