Day of the Dead Creeping into American Halloween

Day of the Dead Creeping into American Halloween


In October, Mexicans spent the end of October preparing for El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. It is a tradition in which families remember their loved ones who have passed before them.

The celebration is a remembrance that merges feeling of one’s faith, pain and joy into a vibrant holiday.  Now Day of the Dead Creeping into American Halloween. Flip to get the details…

Day of the Dead Creeping into American Halloween

It is common for families in Mexico to set up picnics at the grave-sites of their loved ones. Many build shrines adorned by marigolds, photos, candles and much more.

Here is what we are hearing about Day of the Dead Creeping into American Halloween!  FNL reports that over time, the American Halloween is creeping in:

In a recent survey by the local polling firm Consulta Mitofsky, 59 percent of Mexicans said this year they were planning to celebrate Day of the Dead, compared to 23 percent who said they would go for Halloween instead. Sixteen percent said they would mark both holidays.

Claudia Romero, a 29-year-old mother of two who was shopping for masks and costumes downtown and shared:

“The kids want masks of their favorite movie and TV characters and enjoy the spooky aspect of Halloween. We still build a shrine in the house with pictures of family members and traditional items, because it’s important that the children keep in touch their culture.”

It was also reported that:

This year, a third layer will be added to the Mexican celebration, inspired by the spectacular opening scene of the most recent James Bond movie, “Spectre.” For the first time, the city will host a Day of the Dead Parade similar to that seen in the blockbuster movie – which was entirely fictional.

Gabriela López, a spokeswoman for the capital’s Ministry of Culture, told FNL:

“These will be some of the most spectacular Day of the Dead festivities ever seen in Mexico City. The original idea came from the movie, but also a desire to show that Mexicans do Mexican culture better than anybody else.”

What is Day of the Dead during the American Halloween?

The observance of Day of the Dead, always on the eve of the Roman Catholic holiday All Saints Day on Nov. 1, is rooted in Aztec traditions and based on the legend of the goddess Mictecacihuatl. It was scarcely celebrated in many parts of the country until the 20th century, when leaders wanted to foster cultural nationalism. It became an official holiday in the 1960s.

Both Holidays are traditions and special time with family. To remember our loved ones in a happy way is a good thing and Halloween and Day of the Dead are different, but both just as special. What are your thoughts?

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