Is El Chapo Losing His Mind In Isolation

Is El Chapo Losing His Mind In Isolation?


According to sources in Manhattan federal jail, the alleged Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán Loera is going batty in isolation! Is he losing his mind?

Find out what is happening to El Chapo behind bars…

Is El Chapo Losing His Mind In Isolation is hearing that Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo is rumored to be more worried about his celebrity status then his hearing.

Meanwhile, his lawyers said in a court filing late Monday as they sought relief from special security measures for the alleged head of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Could this just be a ploy for him to find a way to breakout? We saw what went down on Power when the leader of the Cartel got a transfer.

Anyways, El Chapo has been isolated in solitary confinement for seven weeks in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, now, his mind is all over the place.

Reports are coming in saying that Guzmán has been experiencing images of delusion.

His lawyers stated in a letter:

Chapo has been experiencing “auditory hallucinations, complaining of hearing music in his cell even when his radio is turned off.”

His lawyers are arguing the conditions pose a danger to his “sanity.”

Per Newsday:

“Apparently, Guzmán is in a Catch-22, according to defense attorneys Michael Schneider and Michele Gelernt. What is worse is that, he has met private lawyers and wants to retain one. The problem is that U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan is not allowing Chapo to speak to his wife. It the same thing they have been doing to Suge Knight. Neither he nor his attorneys are allowed to tell his wife who he wants to hire or instruct them to locate funds to pay.

Guzmán, 59, charged with trafficking tons of cocaine into the United States, he is a billionaire. The reason for the isolation is simple. Jail officials are restricting communication because the government says he was able to run his cartel from jail in Mexico and organized two escapes.”

Guzmán has been held without bail since he was extradited in January.

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