Did Jennifer Lopez + Drake Confirm Their Relationship

Did Jennifer Lopez + Drake Confirm Their Relationship


At first we thought it was just hype, but it appears that Jennifer Lopez + Drake have officially confirmed that they’re an item this holiday!!!

Flip and get more on musicians Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30…

Did Jennifer Lopez + Drake Confirm Their Relationship

CelebNLatin247.com has this report on Jennifer Lopez and her new young hung beau, Drake.

It appears that another photo has surfaced with Jennifer Lopez and Drake cozied up together sparking confirmation that they’ve gone public.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Drizzy really and item?

Jenny on the Block and the Champagne Papi apparently want you to believe that they are indeed smashing. And adding more evidence to the pot, Rihanna has stopped following JLo’s Instagram.

Now we are still skeptical about JLo and Drizzy being an item, but we all know how Jenny loves some young men.

A new photo (above) has ignited an alleged “confirmation” of the loved-up couple. But the picture, which appeared on both of their Official Instagram pages, seems like it was staged. The photo (posted early Wednesday morning) has only been up an hour and Twitter is eating it up.

The 47-year-old mom of two is all snugged up to the Canadian hunk, but does this mean they’re an item. How many times have you seen posts of men and women posing like this. We’ve done it 100s of times ourselves, so we are still NOT BUYING into the hype.

To us, we feel that Jennifer Lopez and Drake are just riding out the rumor for fun. Of course, their relationship has become all the talk. Early speculation of a romance has led some to question whether Jenny From The Block went against the ‘girl code’ by dating a fellow musician’s ex.

Did Jennifer Lopez + Drake Confirm Their Relationship

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez friendship in Question:

RUMORS started circulation once Drizzy attended two of JLo’s Las Vegas concerts back-to-back, and hosted an exclusive gathering that she went to. Then E! News reported that the two attended an extremely ‘intimate dinner’ held at celebrity hot spot Delilah in West Hollywood. Later, the pair reportedly left together.

Since the RUMORS started swirling, Jennifer and Rihanna seemed to be on the outs. Word is Jenny from the block broke the girl code with one of her good girlfriends.

Last Christmas, JLo and Rih Rih were with friends and family in her native Barbados. The two  are longtime pals despite the 19-year age gap. In 2016, the brunette beauty gave J.Lo a pair of blue boots from her design collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. Rihanna loves, well should we say loved, Jenny, since she called her “the baddest…because I know you’re gonna wear them better than me!!!”

JLo took to IG posting this questionable item:

Did Jennifer Lopez + Drake Confirm Their Relationship

Now it seems that Jennifer Lopez wanted what Rihanna had…that’s Drake!

Ladies do you blame her? Drake is FIRE, but JLo is obviously one of those girls you watch if the RUMORS are true.

Thoughts? Are you buying the hype that JLo and Drake are an item?

Photo: Instagram


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