Cara Santana Won't Sleep with Jesse Metcalfe

Cara Santana Won’t Sleep with Jesse Metcalfe

Actress Cara Santana reveals that she won’t sleep with Jesse Metcalfe until they are married. Cara is following Ciara and Russell’s rule book!

Get all the details on why Cara Santana won’t sleep with Jesse Metcalfe

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Demi Lovato's 'Life Depends' on Sobriety

Demi Lovato’s ‘Life Depends’ on Sobriety

Why is Demi Lovato staying sober? It’s easy, Lovato NEEDS to stay sober because her “life depends on it!!!”

Read on and get the details on Demi Lovato celebrating five years of sobriety…

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Luis Fonsi Explains His 'Evolution of Sound'

Luis Fonsi Talks ‘Despacito’ and His ‘Evolution of Sound’

Luis Fonsi has released eight successful albums, and now the Latin sensation is speaking on ‘Despacito’ and his ‘Evolution of Sound.’

Read on about the San Juan, Puerto Rico born Latino singing sensation, Luis Fonsi…

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