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Pablo Escobar Brother Roberto Escobar Threatens Netflix Over Narcos


Netflix has been put on alert now that Pablo Escobar Brother, Roberto Escobar Threatens Netflix Over Narcos!!!

Flip and get more on Pablo Escobar Brother, Roberto Escobar threatening Netflix…

Roberto Escobar just got word that Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto Escobar just put Netflix on alert over the movie Narcos!

TMZ reports:

Roberto Escobar — the accountant in Pablo’s empire — fired off a letter to Netflix in which he demands the media company put the brakes on season 2, unless the company gets a sign off from him.

He claims season 1 was riddled with inaccuracies and lies and says his brother would not like the portrayal one bit.

Roberto Escobar calls his letter — obtained by TMZ — “a friendly request for cooperation.” He wants a cut of the profits.

The letter itself is interesting for several reasons. Our sources say it was written by Roberto at an undisclosed location in Colombia. And it’s stamped with the Escobar family seal.

Roberto claims undying loyalty to Pablo, saying:

“I was Pablo’s closest ally, managing his accounting and he is my brother for life.”

Watch the trailer:

You can READ the FULL letter obtained by TMZ.

Roberto Escobar explains that the first season was inaccurate and filled with lies and misinformation about Pablo Escobar’s life.

Roberto Escobar Roberto Escobar

He wants to be able to review all the material for accurace. The only problem is that the season is filmed and the cost of reshoots are costly. Maybe he can be part of season 3.

What do you think about the letter from Robert?

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